Custom Wellness Programs for all ages.

Let us design a custom wellness program for your specific  health needs.

The simple act of placing the hands on the body can itself encourage a person to thrive. Many studies have illustrated that without physical touch babies (human or animal) will not thrive and may not even survive. Touch also has a positive effect on caregivers. For example, mothers who regularly have a great deal of physical closeness with their babies experience postpartum depression to a far lesser degree, and elderly caregivers feel a decrease in stress, anxiety and depression when they touch and are touched.


At we have base dour entire program on the healing, life giving power of touch. We have programs for all ages and all body types. If we don't have the type of program you are seeking we have a tight network of professional who are eager to serve you.

Our Therapists

All of our therapist are independent contractors and have their own unique abilities. At we  connect you with the right therapist to meet your individual needs.

Tammie Martinez-CMT

My goal is to share with others the relief from pain and stress I have experienced through massage therapy. I am continuing my education to expand my services in the wellness industry.

Hours of Operation:


Tuesday 11:am to 6pm

Wednesday 11:am to 6pm

Thursday 11:am to 6pm

Friday 11:am to 6pm

Saturday 8:am to 12 noon


Call (209) 481-1703 for additional scheduling information

Its all about customer service and paying attention to details...

At we pride ourselves in putting our clients first.  Over the years we have seen and experienced the life-changing benefit of massage. You can be assured that the service you receive from us will be the best that can be offered.

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