Types of Massage: Modalities

What are Modalities and why are they important?

Modalities or massage modes or massage techniques are a collection of various approaches that result in different outcomes for different body discomforts.  We use integrative massage therapies that utilize the appropriate technique for the issue at hand.


This approach is important because it results in a unique individualize treatment plan for the client. We combined actively listening to our clients concerns, so that we can work together to implement the best over-all solution for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Medical/Clinical Massage:  Incorporating all massage techniques taking into consideration individual medical history. Session time varies.


Sports Massage:  Pre, inter or post event. Will help prepare and recover from competitive events. Stretching and First Aid can be administered. Session times may vary


Deep Tissue Massage: Uses firm pressure working deep into the muscle tissue, releasing deep long standing muscle tension. Stimulates local circulation and increases mobility and flexibility. Not recommended for pregnant women or those with high blood pressure. Session times may vary.


Myofascial Release: It's stillness and movement within meditation in motion with heavy hands. Repair, renew, it's an energy collaboration and separation of fascia, muscle and skin. Sessions time may vary.


Trigger Point Therapy: Sustained pressure with the fingertips, braced finger, knuckle, fist, elbow or thumb applied to trigger points to relieve pain and discomfort. Not that sometimes the trigger point work may need to be repeated several times.


Shiatsu:  A form of manipulation or "one point" pressure that brings balance to the body's energy. Promotes optimal health and well being. Session time is one and a half hours.


Reflexology: Based on the idea that our feet and hands have "reflex" zones that are linked to other parts of the body congestion or tension in the food can indicate struggles in the corresponding part of the body. Treatment gives a sense of inner peace and feeling of warmth within and or around the body. This is usually a thirty minute session time.


Swedish: An excellent option if you are looking for complete relaxation or pain relief due to injury or stress. For intoxicating and harmonizing effects. Recommended session time is one and a half hours.


Pregnancy Massage: Helps with the changes in your body as pregnancy progresses. Enhances self esteem, relives tension and eases many of the effects of being pregnant. Recommended session time is forty five minutes.


Warm/Cold Stone Massage  Stones: Create a positive energy flow when combined with the massage. The results are a profound connection to the Earth. Session time is one hour.


Salt and Sugar Scrubs  Gently awaken circulation in the body while removing impurities and residue from the skin. Within one hour, light massage calms the senses.

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All of our therapist are independent contractors and have their own unique abilities. At MassageTreecmt.com we  connect you with the right therapist to meet your individual needs.

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My goal is to share with others the relief from pain and stress I have experienced through massage therapy. I am continuing my education to expand my services in the wellness industry.

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