The Benefits of Integrative Massage Therapy

Our approach integrates various type of massage therapy.

The integrative massage technique is based on the idea that not just one massage is right for every person or can solve every problem. That is why through using a variety of techniques every individual problem of the body can be targeted and addressed with its own approach, producing optimal results.


A typical integrative massage session is very open in structure. As a team, you and the therapist will meet and discuss what you are looking for as well as the medications and past injuries. This will help determine what techniques will best suit your needs. During the first session, you will also discuss the goals for the treatment and how often or how many sessions will be needed.  Ideally a minimum of one massage a month helps you maintain your well being.


Some pose the question, "Why do I need massage?", it is common to hear the following replies: “Massage is such a luxury." or "Ah, massage, it is so relaxing."  or even massage is something I treat myself to on special occasions."


While all of these statements capture the old idea of massage as a way to relax and to treat ourselves, none come close to touching on the essence of massage and its therapeutic benefits to body, mind and spirit.


 Massage has been known to have some of the following benefits:


Increasing flexibility

Strengthening circulation

Muscle & Joint stiffness

Relieving muscle tension

Clearer thinking

Improves mood, intellectual reasoning and job performance

Stimulates the nervous system to help reduce muscle atrophy

Increases muscle tone

Stimulate the functions of the skin or an organ deep inside the body

Sedating the nervous system to help ease muscle tension, stress-related symptoms

Its all about customer service and paying attention to details...

At we pride ourselves in putting our clients first.  Over the years we have seen and experienced the life-changing benefits of massage. You can be assured that the service you receive from us will be the best that can be offered.

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