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My name is Tammie LS Martinez. I am a CMT -certified massage therapist. I am the owner/operator of  MassageTreecmt.com.


I graduated from Western Career College with over 700 hours of principles and techniques of massage. I also graduated from Universal Life Church Ministries. I am a card-carrying member of  the California Massage Therapy



Over the years I have taken additional continuing education courses. I have taught massage, anatomy and physiology as well as worked closely with chiropractors, physical therapist, personal trainers and nutritionist for a number of years.


My goal is to share with others the relief from pain and stress I have experienced through massage therapy. I am continuing my education to expand my services in the wellness industry.


If you just need to pamper yourself or prepare for your next event call for an appointment to get your star treatment which can dramatically improve your health, mind, body and spirit..


What Makes MassageTreecmt.com different?

At MassageTreecmt.com we utilizes sports and medical massage as a base therapy. We integrate other massage modalities that your body needs to relax or recuperate from an injury or surgery.


We offer a full line of massage therapies. If other types of therapies are needed we can point you in the right direction.



We help our clients find out what their needs are.

Many times when we work with a client, they have issues that they are not able to articulate. That is why we spend time listening and helping them understand what their bodies are telling them.


Careful muscle testing and palpation combined with our years of experience has given us a deep understanding of the bodies sometimes unspoken needs. This approach combined with practical modern massage therapies can result in healing, relief from pain, and an increase in a positive emotional outlook.

Its all about customer service and paying attention to details...

At MassageTreecmt.com we pride ourselves in putting our clients first.  Over the years we have seen and experienced the life-changing benefits of massage. You can be assured that the service you receive from us will be the best that can be offered.

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